In The Fitness Business,

Flexibility is as Important as Strength

You know how it is. “Nothing beats Studio Cycling and Yoga.” A few months later, “Free weights and Pilates are the only way to go.” Changing trends mean fitness facilities need flexibility from their suppliers. And they need more than just superior quality equipment. They need qualified fitness professionals who understand what’s needed and why, how equipment works – and how it’s maintained.

As is true in any industry, “best known” does not necessarily mean “best quality” or “best fit.” Health Club, Cruise ship or military base? Personal Training Studio or physio clinic? Member or non-member facility? The fitness industry is diverse and dynamic. Market needs vary and equipment needs evolve.

With over 23 years of fitness industry experience and partnerships withCYBEX®, REALRYDER®, GP INDUSTRIES, VISION FITNESS and ZOGICS just to name a few, Legacy Fitness Products is armed with the fitness equipment solutions you need.  Legacy Fitness Products’ emphasis on customer relationship, partnership, service and expert consultation ensures you have the quality of experience you deserve.


Contributing to society through sound principals, authentic relationships, effective communication, hard work and the best fitness equipment on the planet!”